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mongji asking kookie the loveable dance steps ©

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2014.10.04 Running Man Race Start S2 at Hong Kong. Autograph session at Langham Place, Mongkok

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Spartace fighting ! But I know of you saw it but KS looks every second at ji hyo, if he laugh than he looks at ji hyo and ji hyo looks and JK en JK also looks at ji hyo. Maybe it's love triangle idk hahaha ;) it's in Thailand btw

Hahaha you can definitely think it that way:DD One thing we can’t deny is that both Jongkook and Kwangsoo are terribly close to Jihyo xD.


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spartace @ race start season 2 in thailand [x]

Race Start! Season 2 in Bangkok - Press Conference
  ➢ Aegyo of Kim Jongkook [x]

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